How Do You Reason With This?

This video is just a big bowl of depravity.

I’m just sorry Little Mash’al didn’t blind his mother at 0:55.

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Bekannt? « Letters from Rungholt
24 November 2012 at 11:11pm
[...] sowas auch bei Euch im Fernsehen gezeigt, oder bewahrt man Euch vor den Auswuechsen ...

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  • ProphetJoe

    You can’t reason with hatred in the name of God…

    • mzk1

      You can’t reason with hatred agaisnt the name of God, either.

  • Katya Segura

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Seriously, this is child abuse, plain and simple.

  • Dougie

    Let’s negotiate =)

  • Inessa

    This needs to be played over and over at all media outlets just like Christmas songs at department stores. I don’t know why Israel gets accused of disproportionate response – they understand from early years – they ALL WANT to be martyred.

    • Jim from Iowa

      I know what you mean, Inessa. If I hear “A Holly Jolly Christmas” one more time while shopping, I’m going to stab somebody.

      • Dougie

        Stab yourself, please =)

        • Jim from Iowa

          That’s the Christmas spirit!

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  • Inessa

    Just think of the poor people who have to work there! I once worked in Christmas hampers while at uni – pergotory.

  • Lloyd S.

    Well Israel can make everyone but the ISM scum happy by dropping a bomb on the house. They get to be martyrs, and Israelis get to not be martyred.

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    WHAT THE????

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