Idiotic Palestinian Logic Of The Day

Yesterday, a group of some 300 people tried to abuse the newly abolished 300 metre buffer zone from the fence with Gaza. As a result, the media reported that one Palestinian was killed.

If you look at this video of the event, you can clearly see how the throng was standing beside the fence, trying to be martyred on purpose, all the while filming it with their iPhones. One even managed to break through, but was caught and later handed over.

You can see they were right on top of the fence in the following images.

Not filmed though, were the Hamas police/thugs, who were actually trying to prevent them from reaching the fence, after the IDF dispersed the crowd:

I guess people never learn.

But don’t go yelling “Apartheid” or “the Jews” just yet, because some of those IDF soldiers are Bedouin.

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  • juvanya

    We can build a nice wall and fence in Yesha, but we can only build a chicken wire fence with Gaza? This is ridiculous. If Israel just built a nice strong border fence like the rest of the world, there wouldnt be any worries. That has to be cheaper than shooting Gazans, both materiel-ly and politically. And if Hamas popo are interested in handling their side of the border, why not start setting up a DMZ like in Korea?

    • walt kovacs

      you mean like the nice imaginary border fence between the us and mexico?

      israel is the only country in history that has been forced to make concessions when it has the upper hand

      here is a better idea…push the button, nuke the arab world off the face of the planet and…have a nice day

    • walt kovacs

      btw, if that was the dmz, with hundreds of south koreans or americans or other foreign nations choosing to rush the border, both the nk and sk troops would mow them down…and no one would say boo

      but israel must show restraint

      my ass

      give me a frickin gun…ill do it

      • Honorary

        Like a Berlin Wall, yah right! During the Berlin Wall, there were fews able to cross! Last time when we built the wall between USA and Mexico – wow! Home Depot sold thousands of step ladders per day. I prefer to have the bombs around the fences – what do you call that..the kinds they used in the Vietnam War.

    • mzk1

      Actually, Gaza was the inspiration for the Yesha fence. And the Yesha fence is the ideal cited by the pro-fence people in the US. MEanwhile, I think we in Israel are finally building our illegal-immigration fence along the southern border.

  • Norman B.

    Hamas now says the ceasefire agreement does not prohibit smuggling weapons. It looks like the truce won’t last very long.

    • Honorary

      Well it last long enough for Clinton to take a picture with Mursi. She did wear her apron and brought the mops and the dusters with her, because hussein obama order her to clean up the mess in Gaza.

  • mzk1

    So no-one was actually killed? Our company internal site (CNN?) is still reporting that.

    At least both our major cable companies have dropped or are dropping CNN.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I didn’t get the impression this was a suicide mission so much as a gathering of mostly young people there to taunt the Israeli soldiers. They may well have been organized by Hamas and they were sent into this “no-go zone” to somehow test the Israelis.

    • spindok

      Or they were just dumb enough to actually buy into the propoganda about the great Hamas victory and wanted to see the burning Israeli cities and retreating army for themselves.

      The rockets are just as much about maintaining the internal image of power and success as they are about terrorizing Israelis. Hamas knows the rockets hardly ever hit anything but the Gazans just see the impressive sight of smoke trails heading north and think they are causing massive destruction.

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