Idiotic Palestinian Logic Of The Day


Yesterday, a group of some 300 people tried to abuse the newly abolished 300 metre buffer zone from the fence with Gaza. As a result, the media reported that one Palestinian was killed.

If you look at this video of the event, you can clearly see how the throng was standing beside the fence, trying to be martyred on purpose, all the while filming it with their iPhones. One even managed to break through, but was caught and later handed over.

You can see they were right on top of the fence in the following images.

Not filmed though, were the Hamas police/thugs, who were actually trying to prevent them from reaching the fence, after the IDF dispersed the crowd:

I guess people never learn.

But don’t go yelling “Apartheid” or “the Jews” just yet, because some of those IDF soldiers are Bedouin.

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