Truth Hurts, Doesn’t It, Jon?


Disgraced BBC Gaza and West Bank Correspondent Jon Donnison hasn’t gotten the whole internet accountability thing down. You’d think he’d known by now to recheck all his tweets, but apparently he didn’t. Instead of linking, again, to the text version of the interview with Jihad al-Masharawi (And not spelling his name right in the process), he pulled a JonDonnisonTM, and accidentally linked to Elder of Ziyon’s great take down of this interview.

He deleted the tweet about a minute after it was published, but more importantly, after I saved a copy. When he published a corrected tweet, I couldn’t resist the opportunity:

It’s interesting to note that he had already copied the link, so one might assume he had passed it on to someone else, meaning Elder did in fact get (through) to him.

Nevertheless, his response was to block me.

Truth hurts, doesn’t it, Jon?


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