Alan Howe Understands What We Are Up Against


Alan Howe, executive editor of Melbourne’s Herald Sun, clearly gets it (hat tip: Inessa).

ACCORDING to reports yesterday, Gaza is “getting back to normal”. That’s bad news.

Normal for Gaza and the insane Hamas terrorists for which its inhabitants voted is the undying ambition to “obliterate” Israel.

Hamas wishes to kill every man, woman and child in Israel. Its brand of Islamism is quite extreme, even by depressing regional standards.

Hamas operatives – you couldn’t call its hierarchy “leadership” – are a sub-species proving hard to eliminate, but is at least fenced off and kept apart from the rest of us.

That is what Israel has done on our behalf.

Trouble-making Gazans are not just Israel’s problem; that little territory is the Iranian-sponsored frontline of radical Islam’s war on the West. They resent us for our wealth, education and tolerance.

If radical Islam lays down its weapons, there would be peace; should Israel ever lay down its weapons, there will be genocide.

According to Hamas – more cunning and manipulative these days – innocent Israelis are an occupying enemy that must be eliminated.

It said so on Friday.

Just short of eight million people live in Israel, about 80 per cent of them Jewish, meaning there are about six million Jews to be harvested in any full-on destruction of that state.

Interesting figure, six million. It should ring bells with anyone familiar with the history of the 20th century. Alarm bells.

Now they say we have a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza. I suspect not. A ceasefire is where you commit yourself not to fire on your enemy.

There is no way Gazans will be able to resist doing that. They’ve been unable to in the past, and their spokesman at the weekend sounded quite excited that their newly acquired longer-range missiles could reach the suburbs of Tel Aviv.

This time they even bombed Jerusalem. It’s not only home to many Arabs, but the Dome of the Rock, the foundation stone of the Muslim religion. What next? Mecca?

Hamas does not have under its jurisdiction all the Gazans bent on murder; there are radical groups “freelancing” in the campaign to kill off the Jew.

If radical Islam lays down its weapons, there would be peace; should Israel ever lay down its weapons, there will be genocide.

Read the entire thing. Repeatedly.

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