BBC’s Jon Donnison Summoned Out Of Gaza

Let’s hope the following serves as a big warning to all those journalists tempted to come over here and spread lies about us.

BBC Watch is confirming BBC man in Gaza, Jon Donnison, has been recalled to answer an Israeli Government Press Office hearing.

He and the BBC Jerusalem Bureau chief Paul Danahar have been recalled over his passing on an image of a dead child from Syria as if it was recent and from Gaza. He passed this on not just uncritically as a “re-tweet” but with the addition of his own comment: “Heartbreaking”.

Well yes, Jon, heartbreaking for your career peddling anti-Israel lies to your eager audience at the BBC.

We weren’t impressed with the way he ridiculed Israeli pet owners’ concerns for their pets and a Jerusalem Post journalist tasked with writing a perfectly reasonable story.

And the fact that Jew “Zionist” hating Lauren Booth was obviously hanging on his every tweet, tells you a lot about the kind of people his tweets were appealing to.

BBC Watch’s Managing Editor Hadar Sela said:

“It is unfortunate that Donnison has jeopardised his career in such a manner, through his failure to adhere to the BBC’s own Editorial Guidelines on accuracy and impartiality and its existing guidance on the use of social media.

The BBC’s funding British public, as well as millions of people around the world who rely on the BBC for trustworthy information, no doubt also await the results of a BBC investigation into Donnison’s breach of his organisation’s Editorial Guidelines.”

[In an early version of the post I said summoned “home”. They’ve been summoned out of Gaza to an Israeli GPO hearing.]

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  • Dara

    Yes. How dare he show a dead Syrian child when there were so many dead Palestinian children to choose from. Never mind. Carry on with your manufactured outrage about journalistic integrity. It sure beats acknowledging the murder of children, right?

    • Norman B.

      Murder? Prove it.

      • Dara

        Sleep well, Norm, all wrapped up in your righteous indignation. Meanwhile children lie dead. Their nationality is of no consequence. They are still dead children. But a journalist’s tweet is the most important thing, right? Sad, sad people.

        • Norman B.

          To you the nationality of dead children is very much of consequence since you have no conscience toward the children who are killed in Syria, whose number is many times more than were killed in Gaza. I asked you to prove that they were murdered and you can’t do it since you know that your Jew murdering heroes use these children as human shields, which is a war crime, and since you try to make excuses for this war crime, you are no better than a war criminal yourself. Nighty-night!

          • Dara

            Whatever makes you feel better, Norman. Sleep well.

            • Brian of London

              Dara, every child the IDF kill is wept for by Israel. In fact the worst aspect of what the IDF is required to do (in my opinion) is to fight the savages who hide behind their own children. Sometimes our soldiers inadvertently kill their children and that is a tremendous pain those soldiers have to carry.

              This is horrible and we would given anything not to put our young people in the position that they do this.

              There is not one IDF mission that is planned with the goal of killing children or civilians. There is barely any activity carried out by Hamas where they bother to go after a true military target.

              I shan’t waste too much more time on you Dara, if you haven’t grasped the enormity of the difference between the inadvertent death of a child and the deliberate desire to kill children you’re a lost soul.

              • Jim from Iowa

                Brian, I fear Dara might be suffering from a bad case of moral superiority over you Israelis because of the enormous bug up what I can well imagine is her enormous ass.

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