Gaza Hearts Iran

The following photo of a sign in Gaza currently appears on the Islamic Jihad site.

In case anyone was in any doubt regarding Iran’s involvement in arming the terrorists in Gaza.

Update: The object on top of the sign looks dangerously close to being a Star of David. Fail!

Update: AP doesn’t know the difference between the Dome of the Rock (pictured) and Al-Aqsa Mosque:

The posters, displayed in three locations in Gaza City, show the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, surrounded by Iranian and Palestinian flags, two hands in a handshake with the words, “Thank You Iran” in Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.

Also not in the AP description, Iranian rockets.

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  • spindok

    Sure they do. After all of those long range missiles shot all the way from from Tehran destroying Israeli bases, the Iranian fighter jets and cruise missiles downing Zionist F-15s, the Iranian troops manning the front lines in support of their Hamas allies who wouldn’t say “thanks”?

    Maybe they should send some of those “plastic keys to heaven” left over from the Iran-Iraq war, with the next shipment of outdated weapons.

  • Andreas Moser

    How nice that the sign is also in Hebrew.
    When I was in Iran, I saw this sign with Iran’s message of peace to the world. (Unless you can read Persian.)

    • mzk1

      What does it say? (Looks like Arabic.)

      • Andreas Moser

        It is Persian which uses Arabic script. It says “marg bar Amrika” which means “Death to America”.
        When I took the photo in Shiraz, a young Iranian woman came up to me and apologized. She said “Please Sir, you need to understand that this is now what the people of Iran really believe.” And she was right. I found Iran to be the country with the least anti-American sentiment among the population in all of the Middle East.

        • mzk1

          That seems to contradict. Which do they believe. (And you left out Israel, perhaps the most pro-American country in the world.)

          • mzk1

            Sorry. The comment was serious, but it wasn’t meant to be criticism.

          • Andreas Moser

            Except Israel, of course.
            It doesn’t contradict at all because Iran is not a democracy, so that the government posters don’t (have to) reflect the opinion of the people.
            I even met many elder Iranians who speak fondly of Israelis. Before 1979 there was a lot of contact between Israel and Iran, including direct flights, trade, holiday, medical tourism and so on.

            • mzk1

              Ah, that’s what I though you meant. I guess “now” should have been “not”.

              By the way, I knew many people from Shiraz. Our local yeshiva in Baltimore, Ner Yisroel, had a leadership program for Iranians. When the Shah fell, the boys stayed on, and now they run many of the businesses in my old community.

        • juvanya

          Taht is quite true. They love Americans. They also do not care much about “palestinians”.

  • juvanya

    That symbol is a Rub el Hizb, an Islamic symbol.

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