Guest Post: Suffer The Palestinian Journalists

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Dickie Sliverstein

A resident of Seattle, Dickie Sliverstein spends all day writing on his Chicken Olam website while his wife works to pay the bills. He considers himself to be an expert on Israel..which he is not.

The Habarifa set – this blog’s own Brian of London included – have claimed that Mohamed Abu Aisha, palestinian journalist and victim of Zionist sponsored terror, was not a journalist but rather an Islamic Jihad resistance fighter.

They have posted this photo as “proof”:

Mohamed Abu Aisha

In their sick, twisted minds, the man is a fighter because he is wearing an Islamic Jihad uniform.

But anyone with half a brain knows you can’t judge a book by its cover. Here are some examples:

The Gazan Nightly News team

Ahmed Humara (L), co-anchor; Mahmoud Fatah (C), main anchor, Hatem Qudari (R) weatherman

Ahraf Rahami, reporter

Ashraf (R) interviewing Barack Obama via Satellite

Ramaz Harab, weatherman

Ramaz Harab delivering his nightly weather forecast

So there you have it. Shove that in your hasbarifa pipe and smoke it.

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