Our Nefarious Plan To Drown Muslims In Urges And Desires

Someone has cottoned on to our Zionist Death P0rn.TM

An Egyptian preacher last week informed his flock that the Jews are responsible for producing the Internet’s endless trove of pornography as part of a conspiracy to “invade the hearts and minds” of Muslims and weaken them.

In a sermon broadcast by Egypt’s Tahrir TV on November 23 and translated by MEMRI, Egyptian cleric Abd Al-Fattah Abu Zayd told his followers that “abominable elders of Zion” realized that “armed force would be futile against those Muslims, because they love death as much as we love life.” Instead, he charged, the Jews decided to employ “soft power” against Muslims through the corrupting vices of “urges, sex, women and 4.2 million porn websites on the Internet.”

“Just imagine,” he told his attentive devotees, “4.2 million porn websites, the No. 1 purpose of which is to corrupt the nation of Muhammad.”

Abu Zayd cited the anti-Semitic and fabricated “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as proof that the Jews’ plan is to “drown [Muslims] in urges and desires” and that “alcohol and prostitutes would be capable of destroying Muslim youths more than a thousand cannons.”

Soft power”? Well, I guess by using that term, Abu Zayd is really giving away something about himself.

As for corrupting the nation of Muhammad, I don’t think they need any help from us.

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  • spindok

    I suppose this means that my new novel “50 Shades of Mohammed” will not be published in Egypt.

  • Yael

    actually the guy in that pictures looks like he is in the throes of orgasm right at that very moment – and he is standing in a crowd of men too. how very homoerotic, i thought muslims aren’t supposed to be into that?

    also its amusing that the muslims know exactly how many porn sites exist on the entire world wide web. they must be really desperate for porn if they’ve managed to find every single one of them.

    • Norman B.

      Well, some imam has started a gay mosque in Paris. No domed building or minaret yet. I think it is located in a closet.

  • Norman B.

    If that is what we are up to, we have help from at least one member of the umma.


  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    How bloody pathetic.

  • walt kovacs

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