From Dr Dre To Dr Dreidel

This certainly sets the bar high for Hanukkah videos.

[Language Warning]

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  • Jim from Iowa

    As John Stewart might say “Them some hungry, hungry Hebrews.”

  • Norman B.

    Now all they have to do is invite Rihanna and Beyonce over to sing the candle lighting prayers and – that’s a holiday!

  • walt kovacs

    all the best xmas music was written by jews

    amazing that not one could come up with a single chanukah song

    damn the gershwins

    • Jim from Iowa

      How about this one:

      We three kings of orient are
      Smoking on a rubber cigar
      It was loaded
      It exploded
      Now we’re on yonder star.

      Oh, wait, that one’s a Christmas song, too.
      Never mind. You’re probably right, Walt. But, maybe there’s an Alvin and the Chipmunks cover song somewhere out there.

  • Judobaroness

    Not funny. Lowers the bar by far.

  • juvanya

    “These niggas smell delicious.”

    • Matt Zemille

      that line finished me off haha

  • Matt Zemille

    dayum bitches, too much motherfucking cursing.

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