Peace Partners Blame Israel For AIDS

The latest blood libel against Israel is really a blood libel.

HIVIsrael is responsible for the increase in the number of AIDS patients in the Palestinian territories, As’ad Ramlawi, director of Primary Heath Care in the Palestinian Authority, claimed Saturday.

The PA’s official new agency Wafa reported Ramlawi’s allegation.

Ramlawi was speaking during an event organized by the PA Ministry of Health in Jenin marking the United Nation’s World AIDS Day.

He claimed that Palestinians who go to work in Israel are subjected to “political blackmail” by Israeli authorities – something that exposes them to AIDS.

Ramlawi did not explain what he meant by “political blackmail” and how it is connected to AIDS.

But some Palestinians have in the past claimed that Israeli security forces recruit “collaborators” by first seducing them to have sexual intercourse with prostitutes and then threatening to publish their photos in public if they refused to serve as informants.

In the past, Egyptian newspapers had also accused Israel of spreading AIDS in the Arab world by dispatching prostitutes to these countries.

Ramlawi revealed that there were 77 cases of AIDS patients in the Palestinian territories.

An Israeli government official said “these sort of ridiculous charges unfortunately demonstrate the mind-set of all too many in the Palestinian leadership, that whenever there is a problem – no matter what – it is Israel’s fault.”

The official described this phenomenon as the “blame Israel first club.”

The “luxury” of belonging to that club, he said, was that “you never have to take any responsibility on yourself.”

Unfortunately, the Blame Israel First Club has many members, not limited to the palestinian leadership.

Meanwhile, I wonder if the Arafat exhumation will result in a finding of death by “political blackmail”.

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  • walt kovacs

    where’s the thread on hillary’s comments?

    • Jim from Iowa

      With Dave’s forebearance, we could start one here. I’m assuming you’re referring to Hillary Clinton’s comments during the Q & A session at the end of her presentation at the Saban Forum held at the Brookings Institution on Nov. 30th. I’m also assuming you’re spefically referring to her comments concerning Israelis’ lack of empathy and generosity toward Palestinians.

      If you haven’t already, you should watch the full context of her statements (full video is at the Brookings Institution site). I have to say, I fully agree with her statements in the full context in which they were made. There may be others, but the mischaracterizations by Ben Shapiro at Breibart are typical of this individual and of that site. If you rely on Breibart as an alternative to information gathering to the MSM, you are making a big mistake.

  • Jim from Iowa

    There is unfortunately a long and ugly history of one group or another trying to make political capital to the disadvantage of people with AIDS.

  • walt kovacs

    and the thread on how jew hate and politics entered a children’s singing contest

    a contest that most of western europe now refuses to enter as the result rule changes and corruption

    i watched a tiny bit

    they need to hand off the production to simon cowell

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    We need to start spreading the rumor that any and all parts of ‘occupied Palestine’ are infected with Jew Cooties forever and there’s nothing they can do about it. If the Arabs want to die of said Jew Cooties than by all means press to live there. Otherwise, save yourselves and flee!

  • Norman B.

    Over the last 30 years, there have been many theories about the cause and nature of AIDS, generating much acrimony within the scientific community. One thing we all know is that HIV isn’t the only thing that can destroy an immune system. Indeed, Dr. Montagnier maintains that the virus does not become destructive unless other factors, such as unsanitary living conditions or heavy substance abuse, has already weakened the immune system. Accordingly, my question is, what are these Arabs putting into their bodies?

  • Inessa

    What’s more disturbing, is the presumed implication that trey think that Israel is spreading AIDS without having increased cases in Israel – in line with the traditional blood libels like the one on Europe against Jews about the Black Death. These people really are stuck in the Middle Ages,

  • walt kovacs

    well, if the muzzies accept responsibility for aids in their midst, then they will also have to admit that they have gays and rampant extramarital sex going on

    of course, we know that muzzies live by the code of mohamed, who only banged camels and little girls and married women before he raped them

    so aids must be the fault of the joooooooo

    • Honorary

      The reason that many Arabs and Palestinians converted into Islam because Mohammed told these herds of babarians that its God allowed men to have many wives as they wanted. Mohammed himself had 9 wives, the Shieks of Dubai, Bahrain, etc. have harem full of hundreds women. Then they also have eunuches to look after the harems – ugh! of course, they have AIDs

  • Bob

    And world wants Israel make peace with these kind of people.
    Someone really think Israel can make peace with them?

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