Reasons To Support A Palestinian State: Child Safety Proponents

#245: They value child safety. Just look at how seriously their school crossing guards take their jobs.


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  • Jim from Iowa

    Don’t tell me that these girls are on their way to Catholic school. And I thought the nuns in THIS country were strict!

    • mzk1

      They may very well be. My Maronite Christian co-workers call themselves “Catholic”. The only difference I know is that they used Arabic before Vartican II. I assume they call God “Allah”, as the Jewish literature in Arabic does.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    We’re supposed to cheer that they still permit girls to be educated at all. But give it a year or two and that will end. The only question remaining will be whether so called radical feminists like Naomi Wolf will support that, like she does the Taliban or whether she will remain silent.

    • Jim from Iowa

      What if she married CNN’s Wolf Blizer and hyphenated her name, then she’d be Mrs. Wolf Wolf-Blizer.

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