The Official Government Of Israel Response To The UNGA Resolution


The following is my translation of the official government response, published November 30th, to the UNGA resolution:

Settlement policies in light of the United Nations resolution.

The decision is saved in the Government Secretariat.
The text of the decision:


1) An answer to the offensive against Zionism and Israel, requires us to increase and accelerate the implementation of the settlement plan, including an increase in settlement sites which will be decided without waiting for the establishment of permanent structures, in the areas that the government decided on a settlement in them.

2) Settlement movements and the World Zionist Organization will increase efforts to integrate immigrants as a means of realizing the program.

It goes on to detail more bureaucratic points which I will forgo translating, because you understand the picture painted by Itzhak Rabin.

Yes, Rabin.

This is from November 30, 1975, and it is a response to the UNGA resolution 3379, that determined that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.

Chaim Herzog said it best:

Um Shmum!


The text in Hebrew

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