The Official Government Of Israel Response To The UNGA Resolution

The following is my translation of the official government response, published November 30th, to the UNGA resolution:

Settlement policies in light of the United Nations resolution.

The decision is saved in the Government Secretariat.
The text of the decision:


1) An answer to the offensive against Zionism and Israel, requires us to increase and accelerate the implementation of the settlement plan, including an increase in settlement sites which will be decided without waiting for the establishment of permanent structures, in the areas that the government decided on a settlement in them.

2) Settlement movements and the World Zionist Organization will increase efforts to integrate immigrants as a means of realizing the program.

It goes on to detail more bureaucratic points which I will forgo translating, because you understand the picture painted by Itzhak Rabin.

Yes, Rabin.

This is from November 30, 1975, and it is a response to the UNGA resolution 3379, that determined that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.

Chaim Herzog said it best:

Um Shmum!


The text in Hebrew

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  • Jim from Iowa

    A lot of us Americans greatly admired Yitzhak Rabin, and still miss him to this day. In fact, last Friday Sec. of State Hillary Clinton stated that she felt had Rabin not been assassinated, there would be a two-state solution in place today. We’ll never really know if that would have happened, but it’s something to think about.

    • mzk1

      Or he would have refused to consider it, as a former Chief of Staff to several PM’s thinks.

  • Norman B.

    Let the U.S and the E.U. bitch and moan about this new construction. They should have seen it coming with this latest UN folly, and probably Obama did. At this point, about 10% of Israel’s Jews live beyond the 1949 armistice line, and there will have to be major alterations if the parties establish “secure and recognized boundaries” under UN 242 through negotiations. Never spoken about since the Six Day War, the simple truth that the strongest force in diplomacy is the force of the accomplished fact.

    • Jim from Iowa

      What exactly did the Obama Administration do to deserve this from Netanyahu? This is one more example of why this guy just infuriates so many of us pro-Israel Americans. I prefer to see this as just more empty rhetoric by him to spank the Palestinians for all their bluster at the UN, but we’ll see what happens in the near future. I’ll bet none of this stuff ever gets built under Netanyahu.

      • Norman B.

        In fact, for weeks, Obama warned Abbas that his UN resolution would result in serious consequences. That may be why the tsk-tsking from Washington over the construction authorization was quite muted as compared to Obama’s warnings to Syria over any chemical weapons. Obama risked much political capital in coercing Netanyahu to freeze construction for 10 months as a way of restarting peace talks. Instead, Abbas kept making more demands and the freeze expired with nothing accomplished.

        As for the EU, what are they expecting Israel to do in the face of a rotten resolution they either favored or abstained from, roll over and play dead?
        I hope their ambassadors approach the foreign ministries with their middle finger extended.

        • Jim from Iowa

          It just seems to me Netanyahu is enjoying sticking it to Obama whenever he can. Like chutzpah served with a cherry on top.

          • mzk1

            It’s always about you, isn’t it? Maybe he’s getting back Abbas and the Europeans. This crazy idea that everything Israel does is a response to the US (except stupid concessions that get our boys killed) is some sort of sickness.

            I, however, as an American citizen, sqarely point the blame for this hooror, which cannot be undone, at my State departmentand President. THey could have stopped this; it’s been done before.

            The US supplies 25% (?) of the UN money, and that might not include all of the other support of the various agencies. The UN exists (to paraphrase a Nigerian I once spoke to) to give well-connected people from backwater countries well paid jobs in New York City. If Obama had threatened the pursestring this vote would never have taken place.

            • Jim from Iowa

              Of course it’s all about us! I told you we were self-absorbed. What chutzpah to even question such a thing!

      • unpluggged


        Please keep death threats and calls for executing incumbent US presidents out of here, thank you.
        We already have Mossad following us, we don’t need the FBI in this as well.

        Judge Dan.

        • juvanya

          The FBI already is, or the CIA, or NSA, or all three.

      • mzk1

        I don’t see this as having anything to do with the US – the American left really needs medical help for this narcissistic view of the world – but with the part about bluster I see you are coming to understand Netanyahu, finally.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Israel needs to ignore the blatherings of Obamus Maximus Gaius Caesar Sulla Felix and proceed with E1 full speed ahead. Let the free state of PaleGoat-istan entreat the UN on their own w/o the backstop of everyone else. That’s what countries do.

    • mzk1

      Ma’alei Adumim, a secular city with a strong Torani component, is a wondeful place. I hope they finally get to expand there; would that we could move there.

  • juvanya

    Interesting. So it has been 42 years and UN threats amounted to nothing. Perhaps we should just allow unlimited construction in Area C.

    • mzk1

      You know that reality today is defined by Google and Wikipedia. Don’t you think this will cause permanent damage?

      Plus the immoral Rome statute basically defined the settlements as war crimes – which is why Israel did not join the ICC (neither did the US), so they have a clear path.

  • mzk1

    This is crazy? It’s not a new settlement, and he’s announced he’ll build there countless times.

    If we are going to get the bad press for new settlements, then why don’t we actually build one?

    Is Netanyahu really that cynical? Is this all for public consumption? No wonder people don’t believe what the Arabs tellt heir own people – it’s projection.

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