Reasons To Support A Palestinian State: Green Commuting

#274: Environmentally sustainable and green placement of busy work sites close to workers’ homes for low carbon commutes to work. See here how an important Fajr-5 rocket launch site is located right within a residential neighbourhood so that workers will have a short green commute to the “office”.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    How many of these do you guys have? I’m beginning to long for an update of that dopey list of supposedly anti-Israel celebrities.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Gas stations? Factories? Mosques? How can that be. Reuters tells us that the only thing there is rubble, snakes and broken toys.

  • Aussie Dave

    Heard of post scheduling, Brian? ;)

  • juvanya

    Brian, youre getting pretty good at emulating Dave.

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