Mindblowing Tweet Of The Day

This one comes courtesy of Boutaïna Azzabi, Social Media Analyst for Al Jizz.

This is what the tweet should have looked like.


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  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Gaza rears its children to be psychopathic mass murdering bigots, so good luck with all of that for the rest of the Arab world. Maybe it’s not a entirely bad idea for them.

    Allahu Carbomb

  • mzk1

    I’ve said this for a long time. The reason there is no agreement is that the other side still has hope of exterminating us.

  • lea goes

    Israel wants the peace.Israel wants to help all poor people in Gaza.Give Israel a chance.Shake hands with israelis and then you experiment progress, a best life for you and for your children.Lets believe in peace, here in world and in heaven too.You can get the best of ocidental life, it is a chance you cant miss.Keep your traditions, but accpetc the best israeli can do for you.If you dont accept this truth, you will never grow as a people and the war ghost will kill your children, and also the other children too.

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