Wednesday Night Music: The One We Don’t Want



Mess is the word.

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Ho Ho Ho Horrible | Israellycool
25 December 2012 at 9:12pm
[...] mean, it looks so bad, it makes this look like a masterpiece in ...

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Reality bites. If it’s one thing I thought we Goyim, even of a certain age, know how to do is to sing and dance. I take back every bad thought I might have had about the musical talents of the Maccabeats.

  • Inessa


    • Jim from Iowa

      This video makes me feel like my own personal memory lane has been paved over with an 8-lane super highway of country-style dreck. My greatest fear is that they will become the opening act for Larry the Cable Guy at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

  • Inessa

    At least it wasn’t as long as Abbas’ UN speech.

  • Norman B.

    Hey, Olivia’s mother is Jewish.

    • Inessa

      Technically not. 3 out of 4 of her mother’s grandparents are Jewish. However, her mother’s parents did leave Germany to escape Nazi persecution (at least acc to wikipedia)

      • Norman B.

        Her maternal grandfather is a distinguished Nobel physicist, one of the discoverers of quantum mechanics.

  • anneinpt

    Well, the song was OK in a bland sort of way but the video seemed very amateurish.

    But Olivia Newton-John has aged much better than John Travolta. What is that revolting hairy thing on his chin? Either grow a beard or shave it off!

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