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With the end of the year approaching, it’s already time for the mandatory “Best of” series we have grown accustomed to. In this vein, BuzzFeed has posted The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2012.

There are some very powerful images on display, including one of guess who at #33.

There is another Israel-related photo at #15, which also lacks context.

It is important that people encountering these images are able to put them into context. So feel free to link to our posts on Shirley Temper in the comments to the Buzzfeed post.

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Action Alert: Inform Huffington Post Readers As To Shirley Temper | Israellycool
30 October 2013 at 5:10pm
[…] number 11 with a bullet is..Shirley Temper (having already appeared in a ...

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  • Yael

    hmm? all i see is a picture displaying how patient and kind the IDF are, even letting little enemy kids pound on them with no reaction.

    • Aussie Dave

      Yes, but you know better. Many seeing this photo are reminded of the bogus David vs Goliath symbolism.

      • Jim from Iowa

        You’ve got it exactly right, especially when you’re talking about Americans. We just don’t get the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict very well, in part, because we are completely confused by Israeli politics. Chuck Todd, White House correspondent for NBC News and host of “The Daily Rundown” on MSNBC asked in a very weary, exasperated tone of guest Jeffrey Goldberg “What is going on with Israeli politics?” This coming from a very politically-astute reporter and analyst, not some left-wing ideaolgue or Israel-basher. Todd’s question and tone reflects the attitude of lots of Americans.

        • mzk1

          I would say so. People aren’t on a wartime status here, like some people think. Much less, say, than the US “home front” during WWII. But they will still vote security first, quite often.

          • Jim from Iowa

            Reading the Twitter feeds from all you Israelis during Operation Pillar of Defense confirms that you are right. Unless, of course, the Israeli Left has been denied access to Twitter by the Netanyahu Administration. It’s still hard to believe that as bad as Bibi is, the Israeli electorate sees the Left/Center Left as being a far worse alternative, particularly since the Israeli Left doesn’t effectively differentiate themselves from Likud on the Palestinian issue.

            • Norman B.

              Jim, the perception is, true or not, that the left is willing to take unacceptable risks in the peacemaking process. Recent experience has shown that land yielded by Israel has become bases for rocket and terror attacks against it. What is needed before the peace process becomes viable again is a cooling off period that would enable Israelis to redevelop sufficient trust in the Arabs to move to a settlement. As it is now, Hamas makes no secret of wanting to oust Fatah and the PA from the West Bank. It makes no sense for Israel to yield land when the prospects for peace in exchange is highly doubtful.

  • NMBobblehead

    Yup, I saw it on Buzzfeed but was not in a place to mail you about it. I was pretty torn between being ticked off they offered no context and the laughing at the sheer tool buzzfeed actually is. Your coverage of this inspiring actress has been great.

  • juvanya

    Is she even pally?

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    Hmmm….the child has blonde hair in a ponytail not in a hijab, and has a sleeveless top displaying her naked arms. Are you sure she’s a Palestinian? It all looks fake to me.

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