It Was 25 Years Ago Today

That 250,000 marched in Washington to demand true freedom for the Jews of the Soviet Union. They got it. Add your name to the virtual marchers who are marking the anniversary today: Freedom 25.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    What a great idea to remember such an important event in our lives. I have to admit I really had forgotten many of the details of this march and the issues surrounding this event. It seems Iran/Contra was a much bigger deal in most Americans’ minds at that time. I hope this story of the plight of Soviet Jewry gets the attention it deserves.

    • Brian of London

      :-) See we’re not all Obama bashing, electric car driving, terrorism hating Hasbaristas all the time!

      • Honorary

        I see, I see.

  • judy lash balint

    I was there too…an accurate description of events and consequences of that day is written by Rav Avi Weiss in The Forward today..

  • walt kovacs

    may be distasteful to remember, but it was the jdl who got the ball rolling

    i remember as a kid, protesting at the soviet consulate in sf

    ahh…for the good old days, when people actually liked jews and wanted them to go to israel

    • Honorary

      So, look like you prefer to see the bombing of our Twin Towers by the Muslim terrorists is it?
      Why don’t you go and snugging up in hell with osama bin laden that might give you a better memory. Or go and use women and children as your shield with the Hamas.

      • mzk1

        It i sbeyond me what this has to do with the original posting.

      • mzk1

        It is beyond me what this has to do with the original posting.

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