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I’m seriously puzzled by this one.

Several fighter jet engines said snatched from air base in suspected inside job | The Times of Israel.

In what is being called the first inside heist of its kind, thieves on an air force base in the center of the country reportedly made off with several F16 engines over the last several days, apparently helped by someone working at the site.

Other than major nation state air forces, who else has a need for under the table F16 engines?

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  • mzk1

    People wanting to reverse-engineer them? Scrap metal?

  • mzk1

    Since I learned about Hilary’s speach at this site, here’s a wonderful analysis of the full speech (not the possibly out-of-context quotations) by friend-of-the-blog, Professor Barry Rubin:

    Here’s his major point:

    “…They all fall into the current dominant Western view that the world’s problems are caused by greedy, aggressive, unempathetic white people who oppress everyone else. Implied here is that the only solution is that such people take risks, make unilateral concessions, pay money, and continually apologize for their sins.

    And that’s a formula for disaster, not only in U.S. policy toward Israel but everywhere else.”

    I do think she had a nice ending, though.

  • juvanya

    Oh come on, youve never needed an F-16 engine?

  • jpl

    I admit, my hybrid could use a boost in power.

  • AEWHistory

    I was hoping to supercharge my Geo Metro with one of these babies!

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