These Are Not The PSC Jew Haters You Were Looking For

The name Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has cropped up fairly often on Israellycool. They’re one of the more extreme Jew hating and anti-Israel organisations in the UK. (Remember, I don’t differentiate between anti Zionism and Jew hatred).

So the fact that they didn’t own the domain name is rather unfortunate for them.

That site now contians a comprehensive explanation of who the Palestine Solidarity Campaign really are and it’s worth reading.



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  • mzk1

    Beautiful. You couldn’t do this in the old days; if someone had an established name they could get the URL away from you. A brilliant coup which got to People for Eating Taaty Animals ended up with a compromise with a page referring you to both sites. On the other hand, a leftist managed to keep a Dole URL when Bob Dole was running.

    • juvanya

      Not the pineapple company?

  • juvanya

    haha suckers

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