Little Terrors

Old and busted: Cowboys and indians

New Gaza hotness: Resistance fighters and the sons of monkeys and pigs

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  • Jim from Iowa

    The kids in my neighborhood shot bottle rockets toward mean old man Stoeffer’s house (never hit it, though). So there’s that to consider. I’m afraid that this is what a one-state solution looks like long term.

    • juvanya

      I imagine he used the disproportionate force of waving a gun or calling the popo?

      • Jim from Iowa

        Worse than that. He yelled at us for riding our bikes in front of his house and making a racket. Can you imagine?

  • Norman B.

    And this is in the end all an exercise in futility. The last round of fighting produced the smallest number of Israeli casualties, and as Iron Dome is upgraded, the next round will produce even fewer unless Israel launches a ground invasion, and even then, the casualties will be lopsided in Israel’s favor.

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