Tel Aviv vs Manhattan: The Piano Experiment

Earlier this year, 20 pianos were scattered in various locations in Tel Aviv, as part of a cultural initiative with an objective to bring music and culture to urban life.

Now watch what happens when a sole piano was placed in Washington Heights, Manhattan (via Viral Viral Videos).

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Gee, that wasn’t too subtle a reminder that Tel Aviv is culturally advanced, and NYC, not so much. Just remember this my Israeli friend, America can turn Iran from a nuclear-armed wannabe state into something resembling a burnt match.

    • Norman B.

      Washington Heights is not exactly what you would call a high-rent district in Manhattan, if you know what I mean. It is about 15 subway stops from Carnegie Hall.

      • outline

        Washington Heights is ONE stop away from Carnegie Hall. D train Columbus Circle 150 street goes none stop. When was last time you were on the train LOL

        • Norman B.

          The D train (and the A as well) goes nonstop from Columbus Circle to 125th Street in Harlem. However, I was thinking of the 1 train going to 181st Street in Washington Heights making all the local stops as a more pertinent measure of distance.

    • Steve

      Israel could also turn Iran into a burnt match – albeit unconventionally. In any previous time in history but this one, with Iran speaking as it does, Israel would have long ago turned Iran into a burnt match. With no apologies. It is only in this the modern liberal age that the barbarians must be allowed to surround the city, besiege it, gather at the gate and must be on the verge of breaking in, before anything can be done about them by a rescuing force. But Israel could and probably should have already turned Iran into a burnt match. Other than that, I agree. This video is unfair. Put pianos around the better areas of the NYC and compare that to pianos put in an Arab city in Israel. Then you will see the reverse.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    I am positive the NYT is proud of that piano destruction film. It’s everything the NYT loves about art, performance art, loneliness, detachment, despair the impermanence of everything. Just remember though, it’s precisely what they want see happen to Israel.

  • JetHeadJoe

    I blame Jimmi Hendrix (or whoever it was that started the trend of guitar smashing). Evidently, John Hiatt’s song Perfectly Good Guitar wasn’t the hit I thought it was.

    • spindok

      Pete Townsend of the Who was famous for that before Hendrix. The drummer Keith Moon used to smash up the drumset as well and blew up his drums on the Smothers Brothers show.

      Hendrix was famous for burning guitars on stage. The iconic photo we all remember is from the Monterrey Pop festival.

      • Jim from Iowa

        What a long, strange thread this is becoming.

      • Norman B.

        Long before all this, Jimmy Durante was dismantling pianos on stage.

  • juvanya

    Looks like some GOVERNMENT sweet sweepers doing what government does best.

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