Coed Combat

In honor of the female IDF soldier who did what she believed was correct to potentially save the life of her fellow soldier, and who is standing up to the death threats against her.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    I have to admit that I have mixed feelings towards Americans serving in the IDF but refusing to serve their own country in the American military. It’s not like we don’t have a need for young people to serve here. We ask the same small group of Americans to deploy overseas in places like Iraq and Afghanistan over and over because we don’t have the number of recruits we need to spread the responsibility more broadly. I have warm feelings toward the IDF, but like I said, Americans need to serve their own courntry first.

    • Norman B.

      The answer here is to bring back the draft. Sure, it will be unpopular in some political circles, but it will not only bring together Americans of diverse backgrounds and geography, but the families of the draftees will act as a check and balance to the excesses of Washington in general and the Pentagon in particular. I was drafted and served in Vietnam, and while I didn’t want to go, I felt better for the experience and enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow G.I.s. (Of course, I had a noncombat assignment.)

  • Norman B.

    I understand that the reason for mixing the sexes in the Caracal Brigade was the need for women soldiers to stand guard over women being smuggled and trafficked over the Egyptian border, giving this assignment a humanitarian motive.

    • Abu Zibby

      I don’t want to b+tch around, but this still looks like Gadna to me.

  • sams

    Is it shameful for a terrorist to be killed by women ?

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