Footage Of “Fake Gun” Palestinian

Last week, I blogged about the palestinian who was shot dead after pulling a toy gun on an IDF soldier. The Border Guard spokesman released the following statement:

“At about 6:30 pm a Palestinian youth arrived at a Border Guard post near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. When one of the soldiers asked him to present identification, the youth attacked him, pulling a gun and holding it to the soldier’s head.

“A female Border Guard officer standing at the post saw what was going on and opened fire. The youth was critically injured and rushed to a local hospital, where he died of his wounds.”

The palestinian and Arab sites denied this is what occurred. For instance, Al-Haq, “an independent Palestinian non-governmental human rights organisation based in Ramallah,” claims:

The circumstances of his death are currently unclear. However, according to Al Haq’s preliminary investigations, Muhammad left his home yesterday evening at approximately 6:30 pm in order to buy a cake and passed by Checkpoint 160, which is some 100 meters from his house. When he passed the checkpoint, Muhammad was reportedly holding a lighter that resembled a gun, which aroused the suspicion of the Israeli soldiers manning the checkpoint and caused them to have an exchange of words with Muhammad. Following a discussion with the soldiers, Muhammad was shot twice, once in the abdomen and once in the chest, at a short range

Accepting the palestinian narrative, anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has used Twitter to hound the IDF to release footage of the incident (not to mention revealing the identity of the border policewoman who he says “murdered” the palestinian).

Well, Silverstein, here’s your wish:

What we are seeing in this footage is the palestinian attacking a Border Police Officer, pressing this “gun” to his throat. The police officer struggles free as the female police officer neutralizes the threat. Clearly not just an exchange of words with a guy on his way to buy a cake.

Of course, I am of little doubt Silverstein, Al Haq, and fellow Israel haters will claim the footage is fake. But my concern anyway is what reasonable people think.

Update: The far left 972 site has this to say (hat tip: Lori):

It is hard to tell what’s going on – Muhammad and a soldier can be seen exchanging blows, and it seems that the Palestinian is the first to try and hit the soldier (0:33). The alleged gun cannot be spotted, but the clip – which is slightly edited (0:24) – is very dark. The second soldier comes out to the street and when the soldier and the Palestinian get away from each other, she shoots Muhammad (0:48). Unless the teen was indeed holding a gun, the soldiers don’t seem to be under threat at that moment.

They also have this photo of the teen.

Looks like he got that cake after all.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    CSI IsraellyCool. You could become the new host with your own true crime stories from the West Bank featured on the Investigative Discovery Channel. And it’s part of my expanded basic package, so that’s technically a premium channel (I guess).

  • nanaloshen

    All during the struggle you can see the glint of something – I’m assuming it’s the gun. How it that missed by anyone?

  • Seth

    How is it possible that a country as tech savvy as Israel has such terrible camera equipment? Throw some weatherproof GoPro cameras up there and stop leaving so much to the imagination.

  • jpl

    The initial assault is very clear, and very violent. Would would Dickie do if he was on the receiving end of such an assault?

  • walt kovacs

    i love it when those who have not been trained in the use of force, or in police tactics, comment when those tactics are used

    he attacked the officer.

    the other officer felt that the use of deadly force was needed

    once she committed, she had no other way to go than to blow his ass away

    if this footage was faked, why in the world would the idf show the final shots occuring when the muzzie terrorist was away from the other officer?

    eff 972…boot to the head for all those jew hating bastiches

    as for the camera equipment…the reason it isnt the highest tech, is because the fakestinians have the habit of stealing and/or destroying it

    why waste money

    i saw what i wanted…another dead terrorist

    happy bday esshead

    • Seth

      It is not a waste of money. If equipment keeps getting stolen then there is a problem with the IDF’s security which needs to be addressed. If Israel has money to spend on so many projects they surely have enough to upgrade camera gear. G-d knows they have high enough taxes to pay for anything they want.

      • Jim from Iowa

        And you’ve got the Jewish version of your very own very rich Uncle Scrooge McDuck Sheldon Adelson to hit up in a pinch. If he can waste $150m trying to get Obama defeated surely Israelis can convince him to come up with the scratch to buy some high-end security cameras. Plus I think he’s getting a little dopey in his old age that he probably can be convinced of anything at this point.

  • walt kovacs

    and 972 wasnt paying attention…you can definitely see something flashy in dead bday boys hand

    sorry for being crass…but i dont care about him, or his rat family, or his rat people

    to quote pesci…they are all rats…now its your turn to dig the hole and get the lye…im all out

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