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American Hispanic journalists Manuel Abud, Maria Antoineta Collins, Katherine Archuleta, Adriana Grillet, and Fernando Espuelas have visited Israel to discover a side so often under-reported by the media.

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  • Norman B.

    The importance of this outreach can’t be overestimated. Now if they can only spread the word to all points south of the Rio Grande that they have an amigo in Israel.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Blacks, Gays, Hispanics and Jews — all voted for Obama by wide margins. To me, there is a natural connection to Israel and the Jewish people and American Hispanics. Can you get a fish taco in Tel Aviv?

    • Andrew Brehm

      There is a Mexican restaurant in Tel Aviv just north of Allenby St. I believe it is owned by a cousin of a friend of mine, he mentioned it once.

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