Our Operations Have Gone To The Birds


A few days ago, one of our animal spies – Zionist Death VultureTM – was captured in Sudan. Thankfully, he did not talk squawk.

Now comes footage of another of our Zionist Birds of Death in the act of capturing a wanted terrorist: Sheikh Abdul “Babyface” Nazir.

Update: Alas, it was a hoax.

No doubt perpetrated by Jooooooos.

A video that went global and viral of a child in Mount Royal Park briefly being birdnapped is a fake, the Centre NAD in Montreal said early Wednesday afternoon.

The video, showing a tot being snatched and then dropped by a large bird that swooped in from the Montreal sky, had been posted on YouTube, pulling in more than 4 million views.

But it was all a hoax.

The incident was simply a computer stunt concocted by a trio of students, and not a real event, the school announced in a blog posting on its website.

It credited Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin, three students in a production-simulation workshop class at the media training centre, which opened in 1992.

Various indicators quickly surfaced that undermined the authenticity of the brief clip, which had been posted Tuesday on YouTube by an account holder calling himself “Mr. Nuclear Cat.”

On CBC Radio Wednesday morning, bird expert David Bird (he was clearly born to do it – Aussie Dave) called the incident a hoax.

He said the image is of an osprey, not an eagle, contrary to how the video is labelled.

Gilles Chiasson, a spokesperson for Quebec wildlife experts in the provincial environment and natural-resources department, said that at first view “it’s unbelievable.”

“Unless we have proof to the contrary,” he added, “there’s nothing to prove that it was a real incident.”

“We are not in a position to say where it comes from,” Chaisson notedof the YouTube clip:

“And there is no indication when it was taken.”

Others weighed in as well, before Centre NAD fessed up.

Notably, a round-up item on the Gawker website listed several so-called “tells” on the video.

During the sequence, the Gawker item noted, the bird’s shadow disappears and reappears.

It called this one of several signs of flawed computer-generated imaging


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