Amar’e Made In Heaven

Amare-Stoudemire wedding

Judging by this photo of New York Knick Amar’e Stoudemire, he did not just tie the knot with his fiancee. He just might also have tied the knots on his tallit.

You may recall Amar’e takes his Jewish roots seriously, so it is no surprise he’d go all Dawson for his wedding. Besides the Yamulke and tallit, they apparently even wed under a Chuppah

No word yet on whether he broke the glass. But this time in a good way.

Mazal tov!


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11 April 2013 at 10:04am
[...] Wed under a chuppah ...

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  • juvanya

    shame he has those twattoos

  • Katya Segura

    I’ve got a Leonard-Cohen-inspired tat on my left arm. Doesn’t make me a bad person, dude.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Hallelujah, a tat for you-ah.

      • Katya Segura

        Actually, it’s “Everybody Knows” inspired….”take one last look at this Sacred Heart before it blows…” :)

    • juvanya

      Are you Jewish?
      Leviticus 19:28 an incision for a (dead) person you are not to make in your flesh, writing of skin-etching you are not to place on yourselves, I am (Hashem)!

      This is pretty clear cut, to be punny.

      And stop that nonsense. People who deface their bodies usually have emotional reasons for doing so. It indicates many things. Im not saying you are a criminal, but twattoos are ugly and disgraceful.

      • Katya Segura

        I’m not Jewish, but intending to convert Reform. I do not believe in the Bible literally. In fact, I don’t even believe in G-d literally. And hell yeah there are emotional reasons for getting tattoos – I don’t see how that’s particularly an indictment of the practice. Not having a go at you, juvanya, not at all – I have every respect for your beliefs and your right to practise them. Just bear in mind that not everybody has exactly the same outlook as you, that’s all. xx

      • Inessa

        With respect, and I am not find of tattoos personally, but while leviticus is quite clear on tatts, it also says not to wear polyester or wool/cotton blend. Know any Jews who do that? What about Jews who eat seafood? Contraception? Masturbation? Just saying……

        • Jim from Iowa

          Don’t forget bacon, Inessa. If I had a nickel for every slice of bacon a Jew ate, I’d be giving Sheldon Adelson a run for his money.

          • Inessa

            Bacon is too obvious. And I must say, many Jews who don’t keep any form of kosher, won’t eat bacon as a symbolical gesture ( myself includes). Tattoos have made it into that mystical area, where you’re a little afraid of the consequences, like fasting on yom kippur. I did tell my son that he will never get tattoos because they won’t bury him at a Jewish cemetery. But his friend’s father has a tattoo from his army unit in Israel, which apparently represents that special army unit. The one I like is that you’re actually not supposed to play football with a ball made from pig skin.

        • walt kovacs

          polyester? seriously?

          contraception can halachically be done

          tats cannot

          which is why the nazis tattooed the jew

          but i wont get down on stoudemaier for his tats

          • Inessa

            Leviticus 19:19 reads, “You are to keep My statutes. You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.”
            Polyester is technically a blend.
            Also, contraception in some forms can slide past halacha but it is explicit about “wasting seed”, and unlike tattoos, specified the consequences (death!)
            As I said, I am not fond of tattoos, but it is funny how those of us, not particularly observant, have still embraced some commandments as the bastions of Jewish identity, and completely ignore others.

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