Dickie Silverstein’s Nasty Comment of the Day


In 2007, anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein was mentioned in the New York Times, bemoaning the level of nastiness of comments left on his blog. Yet he is consistently nasty to those who leave any kind of comments on his blog which question or contradict his assertions.

In this feature, I post one of his nasty comments directed towards a commenter, comments which are frequently (unintentionally) entertaining.



Bob, if you mention this issue one more time I’m going to wring you out to dry. You’ve gone on & on here for weeks about Meshal’s speech. Give it a rest now, finally. And that’s not a request. It’s an order.

I RESENT your imputed claim that Arab media were “sanitizing” anything regarding Meshal’s speech. You’ve gone way over the line on this one & I’ve simply lost patience. No Palestinian source has any obligation to you or anyone else to translate Meshal’s speech or do anything you believe they should for that matter. The way things work in the world is that if you think the issue is important YOU do it or find someone who will. If you don’t or can’t, STFU for God’s sake.

Another word on this & you’re toast.


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