Learning Life Lessons From A Ninja


Over at the Times of Israel I have my latest piece explaining the story of the stolen Green Ninjago™ figure.

It’s another oportunity to learn from what I wrote about the Connecticut shooting and which received praise in the comments:

Judaism is founded on responsibilities not rights. My right to life is a by-product of my fellow citizen’s responsibility not to harm me. Same with my right to property. This is the most profound difference at the heart of the Jewish state, even if we don’t always realise it. There is no right to bear arms: there is a responsibility to protect life and that, sometimes, is best done with a firearm.

So now that his friend has stolen a precious Green Nijago™ Ninja from him I get to start explaining how our Jewish values of obligations and implied rights work when we meet people who don’t follow them.

Read the whole piece if you’re interested and Shabbat Shalom to all dear readers of Israellycool. May your Ninjas always be where you left them.

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