Merry Christmas To All Our Christian Readers


And here is Bibi’s special message.

I just love how he closes with a tourist sales pitch. Classy!

Aussie Dave adds: For purposes of comparison, here is the PA’s Christmas video:

As The Blaze points out:

The PLO released its own videotaped Christmas message titled “Justice is Possible and Hope is Justified.” Not one word is spoken in the video, but its images speak volumes.

The video begins innocently enough showing Christmas lights and decorations and worshipers – including a teenager – lighting candles in a Christian church, presumably the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. It then cuts to the same Christian teen riding his bicycle but passing what’s presented as the menacing Israeli separation barrier. Israeli authorities erected that barrier – which pro-Palestinian activists refer to as the “apartheid wall” – after a wave of suicide bombings ten years ago killed hundreds of Israelis. The barrier which separates parts of the West Bank from Israeli cities is constructed of fence in many parts. Only 5% of the so-called wall is actually made of concrete and since it was erected has successfully obstructed the free movement of would-be Palestinian suicide bombers.

In the video, ominous dark clouds waft over the separation barrier as the boy wistfully looks skyward.

Palestinian officials have in the past exploited the holidays to convey a political message. Last year, Bethlehem’s then-mayor at Christmas called for a boycott of Israel, accusing it of instituting racism characteristic of apartheid-era South Africa, while the Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad said Christmas is an opportunity to “celebrate the Palestinian identity of Jesus Christ.”

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