Shirley Temper, A Turkish Delight

Surely you remember Shirley Temper, the photogenic blonde member of the Tamimi clan. After achieving the highest award and meeting President Abbas, she has now gone international, having an interview for CNN Turk, and winning the “Handala award for courage“.

Here is the report from Jodi Rudoren’s favourite Pal-Arab narrative site, al-Ayyam:

Istanbul – agencies:  Yesterday arrived in Istanbul the Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi, that drew the world’s attention defying Israeli soldiers who assaulted her in a peaceful march last August, in a scene that appeared in the world media.

Her visit comes in order to receive the “Handala Award for Courage”, granted to her by the municipality of Başakşehir in Istanbul.

Tamimi said in a statement when they arrived in Ataturk International Airport, that she was pleased to visit Turkey, expressing her desire to live among the Turkish people. 

In response to a question as to whether she’ll want to kill an Israeli soldier, if subjected to the same situation again, she stressed she would kill him, and fight for the freedom of Palestine. 

Ahed left the airport amid a rally of schoolchildren who came to receive her, chanting her name to express solidarity with her.

Sabah adds:

Ahed Tamimi and her mother Neriman Tamimi landed in Turkey yesterday at around two pm, arriving to Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport on a Royal Jordanian Airlines flight via Amman. Thirteen-year-old Tamimi and her mother were greeted by students with flowers and waving flags from a ‘knowledge center’ named after the late Cevdet Kılıçlar, who was killed on the Mavi Marmara.

While Ahed made the sign of victory to news reporters, students had arrived to the airport wearing t-shirts with images of the young girl standing up to Israeli soldiers.

Expressing how pleased she was to be in Turkey, Ahed Tamimi said, “I love Erdoğan very much. I feel very happy to be in Erdoğan’s homeland.” When asked to relay what happened with the Israeli soldiers, Ahed Tamimi stated, “I wasn’t scared of the Israeli soldiers. I let them feel the Palestinian spirit and fear.”


While in Turkey, Ahed Tamimi will be the recipient of the Hanzala Courage Award handed out by the Başakşehir Municipality and will also participate in a panel on Palestine where she will provide a child’s perspective on the painful events happening in her nation.

Ahed Tamimi, whose father is already in prison, stood up to Israeli soldiers when they arrested her brother, in a display of courage talked about all over the world.

What? She’s 13?! she’s almost old enough to marry.

I’d take Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus as teen celebs over Shirley any time!

Update: A picture of Ahed receiving the award:

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  • walt kovacs

    whitest arab in the world

    lets face it boys and girls, the brits had a lovely time during the mandate and those real religious muslim women were all too accomidating

  • Travis

    Yes I too noticed her European appearance with the blonde hair.

  • Emma

    A lot of palestinians have blonde hair and blue eyes there is nothing strange in the slightest about it!

    • walt kovacs

      ya….nothing at all

      except that the blonde hair/blue eyed gene doesnt exist in the fakestinians or with the arabs

      • Pro Israel Girl

        I found a picture of one, wearing what looks a headband with the Hamas logo:

      • Emma

        Well actually it does as many Palestinains are blonde haired and blue eyed stop being so narrow minded. This girl is a Palestinian! So clearly the gene does exist among palestinians and arabs.

        • Charlie Hedbo

          You can see black and aryan palestinians as when the British had their mandate all these people from all over the middle east went there to work and became the “palestinians”. meanwhile try getting Basque or Cornish recognised as a language.

        • Costa

          A lot of arabs bring ukranian and russian wives back from former soviet union, that’s the blond hair and eyes. Genetics is not narrow minded, just like you can’t find a blond african with black skin you can’t find a blue eyed arab with blond hair without european blood. Its called science.

  • Kinneddar

    Here\’s how Today\’s Zaman covered it.

    Note the anti-Semitic image of the Israeli soldier on the wall behind Tamimi.

    Tamimi\’s performance in confronting the Israeli soldiers was just that — a performance. She had obviously been coached, and waited to begin her outburst of faux-anger until all the cameras were in place.

    I\’d question why Turkey is paying attention to Pallywood when Syrian and Kurdish troubles are encroaching. This was an opportunity (albeit fabricated) to slam Israel, and they took it.

    • Emma

      They arrested her brother when he had down NOTHING to the soldiers obviously she is going to be angry. If this were an Israeli kid you would commenting on their bravery.

      • Kinneddar

        Emma, where are you getting the information about her brother? Consider the source.

        The Tamimi girl\’s performance was pre-planned, rehearsed, and played on cue. That\’s not anger—it\’s called acting.

        And, no, I wouldn\’t be commenting on the bravery of any kid screaming and lashing out at soldiers who are trained to practise extreme self-restraint when goaded. That\’s not bravery. It\’s provocation.

        To call this \”bravery,\” the soldiers would have to have been expected to retaliate forcefully. This obviously was not the case. However, had these Israeli soldiers been Egyptian, or Syrian, or Pakistani, or … (I could go on)… and subjected to similar abuse, their response would have been very different. In that case, \”bravery\” is appropriate. It\’s not the word of choice for the Tamimi girl.

  • Pro Israel Girl

    Speaking of awards, they\’ll give them out to anyone these days, don\’t they? I can name a few people legitimately more deserving of a \”courage\” award.

  • Kinneddar

    Not sure why there are a lot of \”/\” symbols in my post! But I see I\’m not the only one.

    • Norman B.

      I got the same problem. Apparently, it\’s a technical thing.

      • Pro Israel Girl

        Me too

  • şahin

    I let them feel the Palestinian spirit and fear she said and she did that…thx a lot…

  • Sweden rules

    [If you want to write racist crap, there’s Stormfront for that. JD]

    • Sweden rules

      And that comes from a supporter of the centurys biggest racist colonial power. Lol! You’re already a minority in Palestine according to your own countrys census, and soon you’ll be evaporized if you don’t change. Welcome back to Europe, hope you’ll assimilate – can’t stand you otherwise, but none the less you belong to us.

      • Norman B.

        Sweden doesn’t rule. It is under the thumb of the Caliphate. You were born a loser and you will die a loser. “… a supporter of the centurys [sic] biggest racist colonial power.” Oh, so you goosestep to the Horst Wessel Song.

  • hjgj

    Alot of palestinians are white skinned and blond they are not arab ethnically but arabiezd palestinians are the oldest people in the midest not polish jews or ethiopian jews but true natives of the holy land plz read and plestinians do not have slav genes jews do palestinians are mediteranean and are situated around the mightiest empires … read plz its not my problem that abraham f@@#ed his sister and produced jews!

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