BDS Fail of The Day

It starts off as the usual assortment of aesthetically and vocally challenged anti-Israel freaks creating a public nuisance. Then it gets entertaining, as store staff fight back.

It’s the season to be jostled (hat tip: Harvey).

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  • Martin Solomon

    Ahhh…so satisfying to see a store staff treating these people as they deserve.

  • What.about.the.Arab.lobby?

    BDS thinks they have ALL the rights on their side; that they can go into someone\’s store, not to buy something, but to harass. Other customers and employees have rights, too.

    It makes me want to buy Soda Stream to assert my own rights even though I don\’t drink sodas.

    • juvanya

      Yea I wish I drank soda. I have had soda stream once, altho I didnt realize it at the time. Its pretty good.

  • walt kovacs

    wonder if they are gonna attempt to press charges…rofl

  • fizziks

    Awesome. But I would like to seee an edited video with less of their singing, just highlighting the part where they get tossed.

  • F Callen

    What a bunch of entitlement assholes. Nothing better to do than go spoil other people\’s business. WHy don\’t they do something pro-Pal like try selling overpriced olive oil.

  • fizziks

    Folks, think about dropping a thank-you note to the store featured in this video (Cliff\’s Variety Store), especially if you live in the Bay Area. I think they might get some flack from the BDSers over this, and maybe more protests, and we should let them know that we have their back and they are appreciated.

    Their e-mail address is [email protected]. Here\’s what I wrote:

    Dear Cliffs,

    I\’ve been shown a video of your employees recently standing up to some disruptive anti-Israel protestors and kicking them out of your store, and I wanted to let you know that myself and many other Bay Area progressives support your actions. These people are disruptive everywhere they go and they have an abhorrent political philosophy that opposes peace in the Middle East. I wasn\’t previously aware of your store, but because of your courageous and principled actions I will think of you for my shopping needs when I\’m in the city. Don\’t let these people bully you – they are paper tigers.

    If you weren\’t aware, the video is being shown here:

    – [My Name]
    [My City], CA

    • Dusty

      They aren\’t paper tigers, Fizziks. They are paper weasels.

    • Benny

      Thanks for providing an email address to contact the store! Here’s what I just sent:


      I just saw a video that shows that you were victims of bigots trespassing in your store, harassing your customers. (You have pictures of those people if you choose to prosecute.)

      Those people are entitled to their opinions, no matter how wrong, hate-inspired or abhorrent, but they do not have the right to cause disturbances inside of private enterprises.

      Congratulations for your justified and principled response. I hope you merit increased business and consumer loyalty (sorry I don’t live near you) as a result of the attack on your store and your reaction.

  • The Real Jerusalem Streets

    Do any of the useful idiot BDSers have any idea or care how many hundreds of their precious \”occupied Palestinians\” would be unemployed if Soda Stream really went out of business?
    Thank you to Cliff Store employees, but next time call the police and have them hauled away.

    • Inessa

      I\’m not sure if the police in the US would actually haul them away – I think they have a constitutional right to peaceful protest pretty ingrained ….. And the right to bear arms.
      Do these people have day jobs? That short haired woman has been busy – she\’s in a lot of these clips.

      • Norman B.

        Trespassing and disorderly conduct on private property is against the law. They can protest outside the store as long as they don\’t physically interfere with the passage of customers in and out the door.

      • walt kovacs

        if i enter your establishment and cause a disruption, you are allowed to ask me to leave

        if i choose to refuse, you are allowed to physically assist me in leaving the premises

        its why clubs have bouncers

        in fact, had this store engaged in armed security, that person would have been allowed to pummel these people into dust


      • Miguel

        Not on private property.

    • cba

      \”Do any of the useful idiot BDSers have any idea or care how many hundreds of their precious ”occupied Palestinians” would be unemployed if Soda Stream really went out of business?\”

      I\’m certain none of them actually care the slightest.

      It\’s not so much that they want to HELP Palestinians, it\’s more about HURTING Israel. If they actually cared about Palestinians, they\’d be protesting against Syria (for example), who\’s killed a lot more Palestinians and even when not killing them treats them a whole lot worse than Israel does.

      Come to that, Palestinian leaders treat Palestinians a whole lot worse than Israel does.

    • juvanya

      No need to call the police. They did exactly the right thing without any weapons and without clogging up the court system with minor crimes. Waste of taxpayer money.

  • Toby

    They are moderating comments, so anything that opposes their self-congratulatory display isn\’t allowed to see the light of day.
    In the crowd of disrupters, I spy Kate Raphael, also known locally for her stint vandalizing Israeli products at Trader Joes, and Dalit Baum- s/he also goes by Dov Baum occassionally, depending on the phase of the moon.

    • Patrick.

      Boycott Apartheid Israel.

      • Angela

        Eat dirt and die, you leftist crackhead.

      • Benny

        Israel does not practice \”apartheid\” — but the Arab entities around it sure do!

    • juvanya

      Ive found that left wing boards are always more restricted than right wing boards, with rare exceptions.

  • Dorith

    I saw only reactions under the movie against the shop people, and decided to give my reacton. After I clicked Post, I got mention that the reaction awaits approval…. So of course it won\’t be posted and only such reactions as against the shop employees will be shown.

  • juvanya

    Can you really call it \”fail\” when this is number 50? That said, this is a fail considering the store evicted the trespassers. On that note, its not assault when you are defending your property against aggressive trespassers. Love the hipster guy shoving them out the door. ahaha. Man we really need to get the unemployment rate down.

  • Harvey

    Until stores , venues etc opt to press charges for aggravated trespass this sort of behaviour will just carry on . Call the police , if they resist leaving premises once asked to leave , they can be arrested . It is then up to the victim of the trespass whether or not they wish to press charges . No victim no realistic chance of a prosecution .
    These creeps might wish to have their day in court , but in reality a successful prosecution will leave them with a criminal record with all that entails . Of course it won\’t have much effect on their chances of employment as most of them are serial social security claimants , anarchists , or pensioners like the hags in the video .

    • juvanya

      Do you realize how many cops it will take to arrest them all? There must be 20 nuts there. At the typical cop overreaction ratio of 4:1, that means 80 cops clogging up the streets and not patrolling elsewhere or stopping murders or rapes. Not to mention all the expenses of court. Its a waste just for the hope of getting them a criminal record. More likely they wont come back there having been forcibly removed. If all stores did this, they would give up and find something better to do like protest Obama.

  • Susanne

    Sent an email congratulating Cliff\’s on their actions and their staff.

    The spokes-shmuck of the BDS carolers is Dalit Baum, a well-known lesbian anti-Israel hate activist. I\’d love to see her and her Bay Area \”progressive\” pals wave their little rainbow flags in Gaza and see how warmly they are received there.

  • Dusty

    Dalit Baum (aka Dov Baum) is a paid employee of Global Exchange. (Advisor, Economic Activism for Palestine) I wouldn\’t be surprised if its in her job description job to harass shopkeppers that sell Israeli products. A few practical measures we can take:

    The BDS holes are commenting on the Cliff\’s variety Facebook page. Like the page, please and add messages of support for Cliffs.

    If you are in the Bay Area, visit Cliff\’s. Its really a wonderful store. If you\’ve got friends in the bay area- let them know whats going on, and encourage them to visit Cliffs.

    Also- Global Exchange is helping to organizing the harrassment of Cliff\’s. They have a catalog/ online presence as well as retail businesses. Don\’t shop there. And let your friends know as well.

  • Pro Israel Girl

    Hell yeah!

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