BDS Fail Of The Day

In what is just another gathering of butt-ugly BDSholes belting out banal BS, a humorous moment occurs around 1:07.

Yeah, if you are going to insult your ideological opponents with “You need glasses,” make sure the camera is not focused on your own bespectacled people.

Also did any of you spot the return of BDS freak “Moob”?

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  • Shai

    The size of that crowd scares me. It\’s usually 4 people, all looking like freaks of nature. They were actually crowding the street, and in numbers large enough to influence gullible westerners who would otherwise not care.

    • walt kovacs

      the owner is a frum yid personally worth over 12 bil…he was worth more before the crash

      he builds in east jerusalem…which has never been, nor will ever be, arab lands

      the company is a multi national

      if a couple people dont buy diamonds…who cares

  • fizziks

    Where is this? Vancouver?

    • cba

      According to the end of the video, it\’s New York City.

  • Sams

    Do these idiots realize that there are no diamonds in \”occupied Palestine\” aka Israel, so unless they like conflict Diamonds, trying to prevent a company working with legitimate third world countries trying to make some tax revenue literally starve children to death.

  • walt kovacs

    did you miss this one from last march?

    • Aussie Dave

      Seems like I did. Must. Post.

  • USfirst

    They seem to have endless time for protesting. Do any of them have a job?

  • james ainoris

    Cell phones and pentium chip s and all kinds of medicines are from Israel…bds them…lol . BDS is antisemitism in sheeps clothing..should join up with peta whackos..jim ainoris

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