Best of 2012: Top 10 Israellycool Posts


Here are the ten most visited Israellycool posts for 2012

10. Greta Berlin’s Ex Step-Daughter Confirms Antisemitism (October 2012)

A post highlighting a 2007 letter written by Greta Berlin’s ex stepdaughter

9. Pallywood, Blonde Palestinian Bombshell Edition (November 2012)

The post on ‘Shirley Temper’ that started it all, and was subsequently covered by some mainstream media sources

8. Pro-Israel Celebrities (September 2010)

My post from over two years ago that still generates much interest

7. About That Viral Photo Of An “IDF Soldier” Standing On A “Palestinian Girl” (February 2012)

The truth behind a photo purportedly showing an IDF soldier standing on a palestinian girl, which went viral on Facebook and other social media

6. Latest Pallywood Star: Tan Jacket Man (November 2012)

One of the most blatant examples of Pallywood to emerge from Operation Pillar of Defense (despite the mental gymnastics of some Little Green Foot Soldiers)

5. More On The Alleged Bulgaria Bomber (July 2012)

More on the alleged suicide bomber who blew up a bus full of Israeli touristsin the Black Sea resort of Burgas

4. Better Place Distance Dash (August 2012)

An amazing achievement by Shai Agassi, founder of Better Place

3. Israel On The Front Line In The Fight..Against Cancer (April 2012)

A major Israeli breakthrough in developing a universal cancer vaccine

2. Liars, Liars (March 2012)

Two blatant examples of how the palestinians and their supporters outright lie in order to turn world opinion against Israel

1. Ironic Moment of the Day (Nov 2012)

Video of Arab students protesting against Israel at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University learning that palestinian rockets don’t discriminate

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