Arafat’s AIDS Revisited

According to Ma’an News, citing a Maariv report, Israeli officials have again raised the idea that arch terrorist Yasser Arafat died of AIDS.

arafat_saddam_husseinIsraeli officials on Friday reiterated claims that late President Yasser Arafat died from AIDS, as a probe into suspected poisoning of the Palestinian leader got underway.

Arafat led the bid for a Palestinian state through years of war and peacemaking, then died in a French hospital aged 75 after a short, mysterious illness in 2004.

No autopsy was carried out at the time, at the request of his wife Suha, and French doctors who treated him said they were unable to determine the cause of death.

But allegations of foul play surfaced immediately, and many Palestinians pointed the finger at Israel, which confined Arafat to his headquarters in Ramallah for the final two and a half years of his life after a Palestinian uprising erupted.

His body was exhumed in November and samples taken by Russian, Swiss and French experts for investigation. The results are expected in spring 2013.

Yossi Kuperwasser, director-general of Israel’s ministry of strategic affairs and a former military intelligence officer, told Maariv newspaper on Friday that he believes Arafat became infected with HIV when his plane crashed in the Libyan desert.

I never figured the Libyan desert for being such a party town, but go figure.

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  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Gay is huge in the Arab world, but on the DL.

  • Inessa

    Of all the things to fear from a plane crash, I never considered becoming infected with HIV as one of them.

  • Norman B.

    More than just a virus can weaken an immune system, such as substance abuse, improperly administered toxic medicines and unsanitary living conditions. Dr. Montagnier, discoverer of HIV, is of the opinion that a healthy immune system can overcome HIV by itself, but that these other factors can weaken it to the point where the virus does its dirty work.

    • Inessa Stinerman

      Partly correct. However, in the West, we do not leave it to a generally healthy lifestyle, any more than we would ask people with leukaemia or lymphoma to just live healthy. I have a few very healthy HIV positive patients, living for many years now, with HIV, but they are also on a carefully monitored, and not inexpensive, medications regime. And of course, one would only be on these meds if the HIV infection was properly diagnosed and then treated, and if the medications were available, and if they were started on time (before it became full blown AIDS).

  • Norman B.

    One thing not noted is that during his last interview with Mike Wallace on \”60 Minutes,\” Arafat\’s lower jaw visibly trembled. Wallace attributed that to Parkinson\’s, although Arafat was having a tough time answering questions about his thievery.

    • Inessa

      I\’ve seen his jaw tremble. It could be parkinso\’s or essential benign tremor, I doubt Arafat would feel too anxious about lying through his ass.

  • walt kovacs

    is each lab working independently?

    i wouldnt trust anything the russians say…shouldve gone to a brit lab

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