Freeing India Of Paul Larudee

Remember piano tuner/Israel hater Paul “Obi Wan” Larudee? Well, it looks like his deceitful ways have (again) caught up with him – this time in India (hat tip: CiF Watch).

Ismail Haniyeh, Paul Larudee

Laurudee (left) shaking hands with head Hamashole Ismail Haniyeh

Police cancelled the stay permit of a pro-Palestinian campaigner from the US and sent him back for speaking at a meeting organised by the Student Islamic Organisation here after arriving in the country on tourist visa, police sources said today.

Police said Paul Larudee, reportedly an activist of ‘Free Gaza Movement’, was taken into custody yesterday after he delivered an address at the district conference of the SIO at Tirur near here.

He was found to have violated visa conditions as foreigners coming to the country as tourists are not supposed to deliver speeches at public meetings, police sources said.

Meanwhile here is what Larudee got up to in India before he was kicked out:


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  • walt kovacs

    wouldve been a better thing had the authorities told those rioting throughout india, that he was one of the rapists and tossed him to the mob

    btw dave, can you get your hands on the entire lecture/debate the following clips are taken from?

    tibi goes to bar ilan

    i hate getting only a tiny bit of these exchanges

    tibi is a real piece of work.

  • Lee Kaplan

    I was responsible for LaRudee being deported back in 2006 from Israel. Had the Israeli government listened to me about the FLotillas, they never would’ve gone as far as they did. The video mentions Mazin Qumsiyeh was there also. Qumsiyeh is PFLP and did ISM stuff in the USA. So now they’re desperate and want to organize a march on Jerusalem (the last one failed). LaRudee is getting desperate. He is on the outs with other factions of the ISM for embezzling funds and misrepresenting parts of the movement as being from his work.Bravo to India for throwing this mental delinquent out. India understands the threat from terrorism the ISM and the likes of LaRudee who support them brings to the free world. LaRudee’s airplane plan already failed in the US so now he seeks to sucker the Indians. And then there’s the money…A new crop of suckers in India… He cites Martin Luther King, but King would call LaRudee what he is: an anti-Semite trying to hide his hatred for Jews behind euphemisms…

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