Israeli Parking Masterclass 103

Off road. Israel style.

Parking Masterclass 003

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Israeli Parking Masterclass 104 | Israellycool
02 January 2013 at 10:01pm
[...] see your off road style, and raise you Jerusalem ...

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  • Steven

    That’s just sloppy lazyness

  • cba

    That’s really no biggie for Israel. My “favorite” is when it’s parked on the sidewalk and you can barely squeeze by.

  • Harvey

    Just an everyday scene in Golders Green

  • Jonorose

    Oooh! Thats good one!!

  • juvanya

    Thats typical for New York

  • juvanya

    One time in college, my dad came to find his car on the sidewalk rather than the space. It turned out some football players had moved it as a prank.

  • Abu Zibby

    This looks like Ra’anana. So I guess the driver just wants to show off his SUV’s off-road abilities.

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