Best of 2012: Top 10 Separated at Births

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The votes are in..

#10 (1 vote): Tie between:

Some war veteran and my father (first posted April 20th)

The IDF’s Alpine Unit and the Rebels on Hoth (first posted Jan 23rd)

Israeli Alpine Unit

#9 (2 votes): Tie between:

Joan Rivers and her Spaceballs character Dot Matrix (first posted June 24th)

Israeli actor Shlomo Bar Aba and UN Middle East envoy Tony Blair (first posted Jan 25th)

Shlomo Bar Aba

Francesco Schettino, captain of ill-fated Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia, and comedian Paul Reiser (first posted Jan 19th)

#6 (4 votes): MJ Rosenberg and Star Wars’ Porkins (first posted April 30th)

#5 (5 votes): Ehud Barak and some beloved video game characters (first posted March 29th)

ehud barak

#4 (9 votes): Some Iranian and Salman Rushdie (first posted Aug 6th)

#3 (10 votes): A young Newt Gingrich and The Office’s Dwight Schrute (first posted Jan 25th)

#2 (11 votes): Shimon Peres and a feline (first posted June 21st)

Drum roll, please..

#1 (18 votes): A plastic surgery specimen and a baboon’s tuchus (first posted July 13th)

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