Of Israeli Dope And Anti-Israel Dope

The NY Times deals with Israeli efforts in the field of medical marijuana.

Among the rows of plants growing at a government-approved medical marijuana farm in the Galilee hills in northern Israel, one strain is said to have the strongest psychoactive effect of any cannabis in the world. Another, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, will not get you high at all.

Marijuana is illegal in Israel, but farms like this one, at a secret location near the city of Safed, are at the cutting edge of the debate on the legality, benefits and risks of medicinal cannabis. Its staff members wear white lab coats, its growing facilities are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for controlling light and humidity, and its grounds are protected by security cameras and guards.

But in addition to the high-tech atmosphere, there is a spiritual one. The plantation, Israel’s largest and most established medical marijuana farm — and now a thriving commercial enterprise — is imbued with a higher sense of purpose, reflected by the aura of Safed, an age-old center of Jewish mysticism, as well as by its name, Tikkun Olam, a reference to the Jewish concept of repairing or healing the world.

Ahh yes, we all know about another operation named Tikun (sic) Olam, the proprietor of which I suspect has been smoking something.

Update: More on Israel’s medical marijuana research.

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  • mrzee

    Just some Israeli “dope washing”, trying for the stoner vote./sarc

    Do they sell Twinkies in Israel?

  • juvanya

    Ale Yarok polled into Knesset a week ago. This issue really should be turned over to the municipalities. Let Tel Aviv legalize it and Tzfat. It will add more tourism.

  • gringojay

    2 free full access science papers out Wednesday before get too excited.
    (1st) “Weed or Wheel! fMRI, Behavioural, and Toxicological Investigations of How Cannabis Smoking Affects Skills Necessary for Driving”

    (2nd)”Psychomotor Function in Chronic Daily Cannabis Smokers during Sustained Abstinence”

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