A Message To Liberal Racists

We’ve followed Pat Condell’s journey and it’s safe to say that, on the subject of Israel and the Islamic nature of the threat against it, he’s spot on these days. Here’s his latest piece: “Patronising the Palestinians”.

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  • walt kovacs

    i wouldve loved to have seen condell debate hitch

    both atheists, both anti islam…yet for some reason, when it came to israel, hitch sided with the muslims

    i believe that for the most part, it was because hitch just loved being a contrarian

    • E Pluribus Beagle

      Hitch also not so secretly harbored a deep love for totalitarian maniacs. In “Koba the Dread” Martin Amiss goes to great lengths to attempt to defend Hitch (and others) their love of Stalin long after the psychotic evils of Stalin were widely known. He is, he admits ultimately unsuccessful and it’s left as an open question. In any case, while it’s by no means a universal truth, radical atheists do tend to support Islamic fanatics BECAUSE they’re fanatics. It matters little why they are, only they that are.

      • juvanya

        Except that Hitchens strongly supported the deposement of Saddam.

        • Melissa

          But only AFTER 9-11. Hitchens hated religion more than anything.

      • Melissa

        I think radical athiests love any group/individual who’s destructive. They themselves are usually wimps in real life. Hitler never personally killed anyone, nor Himmler, but both lived vicariously through the murder of others. Hitchens wouldn’t even defend himself when confronted by Syrian (or Lebanese?) fascists-Michael Totten and Co. had to do it for him. Typical.

    • juvanya

      Yea that is odd considering he supported the Iraq War.

  • juvanya

    Good video. Ill have to read the comments. Apparently he supports UKIP too. This guy is awesome.

  • Melissa

    Condell could substitute U.S. Democrats and blacks and still be spot on.

    • walt kovacs

      no he couldnt, and no he wouldnt

      pat is a social liberal, which is why he is so anti islamists

      not sure of your point regarding blacks, other than you wish to be known as a simple bigot

      btw…if you a jew…you aint white

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