48 Years Later, Moderate Fatah Is Still A Terrorist Organization


Fatah, the group that invented Palestinian nationalism and people, is celebrating 48 years from its first terrorist attack, an attempted sabotage of Israel’s national water carrier.

We have already shown that Israel’s supposed peace partner, which is headed by the West’s darling Mahmoud Abbas, has all of Israel’s outline on their logo, so this celebration in Gaza today just confirms what we already know.

Fatah 48 celebrations

  • Child abuse – check.
  • Military fatigues on toddler – check.
  • Arab nationalism – check.
  • Ironic use of peace sign – check.
  • Israel’s destruction – check.
  • Peace partner? – umm……

Fatah 48 celebrationsNope. (h/t Jonathan Schanzer)

Note the “Abbas 194” on the mock rocket, a reference to the recent UNGA vote.

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