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While Fatah was celebrating 48 years of terrorism, this also happened:

20 injured in Gaza City during Fatah rally

Twenty people were injured in Gaza City on Friday as hundreds of thousands gathered to celebrate Fatah’s 48th anniversary, a medical official said.

Ashraf al-Qidra told Ma’an that 20 people were taken to hospital for treatment after getting crushed among the crowds in al-Saraya square. Several other people suffered electric shocks while trying to attach Fatah flags to electricity poles, al-Qidra added.

They never learn, do they?

This has “Mossad Shin-Bet plot” written all over it. First, most of Gaza’s electricity comes from Israel, so there’s a good chance that the electricity is a Zionist agent. Secondly, if Israel was already destroyed, this rally wouldn’t take place in the first place!

Meanwhile, SkyNews Arabia is reporting that one of those injured in the stampede has died:

It was reported from Gaza of an unfortunate incident that killed a young Palestinian man by the stampede on the Saraya Square. A Girl that was injured is in serious condition.


Update: Confirmed, we have a winner, Ibrahim Mohamed Tayeh 23 years old of Sheikh Radwan. the reports say he fell while standing on an electric pole. In the Reuters photo above you can see a young man do the action described, though I don’t know if he’s Tayeh,

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  • spondres

    And gathering on rooftops has traditionally been a dangerous activity for Fatah supporters in Gaza – at least since Hamas took over.

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    Freee PalestineSyria ! Down with IsraelSyria!!!!!!!!!!!! IsraelSyria murder!!!!!

    Fixed it for you, JD.

    • Norman B.

      Troll alert!

      • Judge Dan

        Isn’t he cute?

        • Jim from Iowa

          Wow, I didn’t know you could do that! What a great way to deal with such messages. You’re the man, Judge Dan!

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    Can we try this shock therapy on Kapo Dickie Silverstein?

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