Silverstein’s Septimana Horribila

It’s been a horrible week for anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein.

His pimping of a hit piece on Iranian-Israeli Middle East analyst Meir Javedanfar to a number of anti-Israel personalities and sites backfired, with even Justin Raimondo of deeming it beyond the pale.


This prompted Silverstein to have a Twitter meltdown, which you can see here.

Soon after, he tweeted an untruth regarding a poll from the leftist Ha’aretz, prompting the latter to issue a rather blunt smack-down.


Meanwhile, Silverstein had to retract his libel of me 3 weeks ago, which until a few days ago he refused to take down, despite being informed of the truth soon after he published the offending post. While his “retraction” consisted of an admission I was never in contact with the person who defaced his site, he could not leave it at that. He proceeded to claim I celebrated the “hack” and then published the name of the company he believes is my employer, in a blatant attempt to cause trouble for me at work. While I did find it amusing that his site looked pro-Israel for a while, as well as the fact he was not hacked at all but rather made a dumb mistake to allow anyone to freely enter his site’s admin area,  I never condoned any hacking of his site.

To make matters worse, he did this with full knowledge that I am dealing with my wife’s battle with cancer. The very post that forced his “retraction” specifically makes mention of this, and I tweeted as much to him.

This does not surprise me, given my experience with Silverstein’s dishonesty and seeming hatred for those ideologically opposed to him. It also doesn’t surprise me, given he threatened me with blackmail.

Remember this?

Tikun Olam indeed.

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  • Dr Sam


    It is times like that that I do think that the Torah has special insights. Silverstein’s hatred of his own people is irrational to the point that it is self-defeating. It’s just plain ugly, but watching him in action is mesmerising like a train wreck.


  • http://none Mark

    Silverstein is is definitely one of lowest class lying weasels on earth

  • walt kovacs

    when even the jew hating left wing kooks of antiwar wont have anything to do with you….where do you go?

    • Harvey

      No problem . You go to Mondoweiss , Electronic Intifada , MPAC , Islam on line , tony Greenstein , de Liberation .
      At the end you get a diploma in sewage management

  • Stop Kapostein

    Dennis “Justin” Raimondo is in fact a Neo-Nazi conspiracy nut, with ties to Holocaust Deniers, someone who claims that the Joos were actually behind the 9-11 attacks on the US. His “proof” is that a Scottish newspaper claims a group of Israeli moving men were picked up that day (9-11) in Jersey on suspicion of visa violations and one of those movers had a sock in the truck with cash in it, proving that the Mossad had bombed the WTC. The fact that Dickie is too anti-Semitic and nutty even for “Justin” is amusing. One thing though, given how Dickie identifies so closely with Iran and likes to dress up as a woman, should he not be wearing a Chador on his head?

  • Stop Kapostein


  • Benny

    Silverstein continues his rants in his most recent post (Jan 5 2013).

    In it, he accuses Jews of “espousing violence and hate against Palestinians” and “engaging in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.”

    Then he identifies the “radical Jewish right.” Brace yourself — in his twisted mind it includes such hate-filled organizations as:

    – Friends of the IDF
    – The Jewish Agency (headed by Natan Sharansky)
    – Nefesh B’Nefesh

    I have to agree with Justin Raimondo: Silverstein’s ranting is just plain nutso.

  • dcdoc

    You were not the only one Silverstein was busy libeling. Once again, he keeps maintaining without a shred of evidence to support his claim that the Seattle DA wouldn’t not have re-tried Naveed Haq for his murderous attack on the Seattle Federation offices in 2006 if he were not pressured to do so by the Seattle Jewish community. Silverstein imagines that to be so, so in his mind it is so.

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