The Antonym Of Lonely

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My wife discusses the antonym of lonely.

erikaIn sickness or in health, it’s wonderful to be the opposite of lonely. According to a quick Google-researching, the “official” antonyms of lonely are: befriended, loved, and unlonely, which, doesn’t really seem like a real word but I’ll take it.

Lonely. The thought of alone-ness — loneliness. My heart and attention have been very drawn to focus on the excruciating truth that exists all around us. I see it in peoples eyes. I hear it. You can feel it across oceans or from across the street; via any medium – telephone, e mail, and especially in some of the most supportive online groups and social media.  Being alone seems to happen equally to people who aren’t physically alone.

My inner self has been whirly-whacking (also not a real word) around for the past few weeks in some kind of a personal hurricane. I’ve been angry, happy, depressed, hopeful, sad, and defensive BUT never lonely.

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