Zionist Flood of DeathTM

Old and busted: Zionist Waterfall of DeathTM

New hotness: Zionist Flood of DeathTM

Unlike the waterfall, this flood at Modi’in’s Azrieli Mall was not by design but rather bad design. The same thing happened last year, but, alas, it does not look like those responsible did much about it.

And yeah, we have been known to have some pretty wild weather around this time of the year.

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  • Lloyd S.

    Could’t they have arranged to have this happen in a mall in Riyadh or Dubai or Beirut? Obviously, Mossad is slipping…

    • Jim from Iowa

      That was my thought. It doesn’t seem particularly menacing to your adversaries when this mechanism of destruction is sprung on your own population. I say back to the drawing board with these Zionist merchants of death.

      • David Galant

        But you forget the necessity of testing. Can’t use a weapon untested.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Weapons testing — that’s what prisoners of violent crime and college students are for.

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  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Reverse Red Sea Parting.

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