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Anti-Israel Snow Sculptures of EvilTM

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Among the visual delights from yesterday’s snow live-blogging (seriously, people, where else do you have a blog that goes to the effort to liveblog snow?!) was this photo of a Hamas M75 missile sculpted in the heart of Jerusalem’s old city.

rocket snow

But this was not the only Anti-Israel Snow Sculpture of Evil.TM Our “friends”* over at the Jizz have posted a number of others, including:

Nakba The Snowman

الحريــة للأسرى ( من أمام المنزل الآن ) .. ‎#Palestine ‎#Snow... on Twitpic

Mosquey The Snowman


Meanwhile, Palestine Today has a number of photos of palestinian-made snow sculptures. Notice the final photo in the series and how it is presented so matter-of-factly with the others.

*Not our friends

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