Zionist Fembots Of DeathTM

idf femalesReuters seems to be on to one of our most potent weapons: Zionist Fembots Of Death.TM

Israel’s female troops are allowed to wear their hair long and pulled back in pony tails, clearly identifying them as women and making for an unusual ensemble with combat gear and war paint.

“When we’re not concealed, and they (the Egyptian personnel) can see that we are girls, they’ll sometimes try to get our attention with messages – like one time when they lined up rocks in the sand to form a heart,” said the Team Mor sergeant.

No word yet on whether Zionist Sex Gum of DeathTM was involved. But at least it’s good to know we are capable of more subtle methods than Zionist Death Booty.TM

I guess the Egyptians’ well known romantic side is their undoing.

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  • Inessa

    My mother told me this interesting story ages ago: in 1967,(or it could be ’73), when Israel was at war, they would show anti-Israel propaganda films, or messages in cinemas, in the Communist former Soviet Union. During one such film, there was a statement to the effect of “Israeli army puts naked women on the tanks, so the Arab soldiers will run”. Then a voice from the audience “In which direction?”

  • Norman B.

    It’s an open secret that IDF rules that allow women soldiers to be feminine has often led them over the decades to meet and latch on to their future husbands. Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong with Reuters reporters that a bit of psychiatric help can’t alleviate.

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    You have to feel sorry for the muzzie soldiers, the sight of beautiful long flowing tresses make them weak at the knees! LOL!

    • Norman B.

      To paraphrase a famous proverb, a beautiful Israeli woman warrior in a man’s arms beats 72 black-eyed virgins in his fantasies.

  • http://none Curtis

    I wouldn’t mess with those gals.

  • Spindok

    Quote I once heard from a martial arts instructor.

    “don’t let the ponytail fool you”

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