Palestine Now Proud Of Unprovoked Attack On Jews

arab snowRemember the disturbing video of the Arabs attacking some Charedi Jews in Jerusalem, reminiscent of scenes from Nazi Germany?

Well, the Palestine Now site features the video, with the caption “أطفال القدس يهاجمون المغتصبين بالثلوج في مدينة القدس”, which our resident Arabic expert Judge Dan tells me means “Jerusalem kids attack colonizers with snow” (the word for colonizers is “rapists”, as in takers of something by force)

Yeah, they are just kvelling with pride.

Meanwhile, the victims of the attack have said they feared they would be lynched.

Speaking in the interview, the two said that they truly feared they would not survive the incident. “We went to pray at the Kotel and on our way back, we were suddenly attacked by dozens of Arabs,” they said. “The Arabs tried to lynch us, they were throwing snowballs and other objects and yelling ‘death to the Jews’ in Arabic. We felt we were in real danger.”

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  • Paul

    I must say, I didn’t actually use to give a crap about Israel. Then I didn’t like what the BBC was telling me about the region and Pat Condell sparked my interest. I did a bit of research on the conflict and given our own troubles in Britain with violent, uncivilised Muslims it all started to fall into place. It’s easy to see now, having had a bit of a gander at history, which is the party that wishes to defend its homeland and their people and who, exactly, are the people that would annihilate half of their own country’s populations given half a chance if it gave them the excuse to wipe Israel from the map and kill all the Jews.

    Honestly, the advent of the Internet (and PMW/MEMRI) is a godsend to Israel as much as it is for the Poor Palestinians. We can finally see just how much the mainstream British media has been lying to us for so many years about the Israel conflict, exaggerating the losses of the Poor Palestinians and ignoring or even attacking the threats to Israel’s security, that persist every day, from those same, religiously anti-Semitic, hateful barbarians.

    I’m an atheist (or I would have said “G-d bless Israel!”), but Israel has my full support. The Palestinians are the best promoters of Israel to the enlightened that you could ever need. Thanks to them, I really want to go to Israel now.

    • Norman B.

      Paul, I recommend as an effective monitor of the distortions and falsehoods of the news media with respect to Israel. And it isn’t only the British press that comes under their baleful scrutiny. The New York Times and CNN have been cited for dishonesty on numerous occasions.

    • Bryan

      Good for you for seeing the truth about Israel and the arabs. Pity there are not more like you.

  • Dorith
  • jpl

    Yes, celebrate an attack on peaceful bearded Jews in Jerusalem.

    –brought to you by those “brave” folks who attacked peaceful Jews on the Achille Lauro.

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