Apartheid Fail Of The Day

In less than a day at the same hospital in northern Israel, 4 sets of twins were born:

  • 1 Jewish
  • 1 Christian
  • 1 Muslim
  • 1 Druze

Photo: Roni Albert / Channel 2 News

Israeli apartheid’s a bitch! (StandWithUs on Facebook; hat tip: Shirlee)

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Facebook Comments

  • Iain

    Only the Jew got a seat, the others were forced to stand and their babies have to live in a box.

    • germolene

      Oh Iain you do have a discerning eye for a four by two, don’t you
      You must really have a problem. Long may it exist to plague you.

  • MKI

    I didn’t see the lady sitting down labelled as a Jew even if that is the case and all babies didn’t seem to be small in incubators maybe the lady sitting down gave birth differently as a C Section,or had two breaches – birth and the other ladies all had twins naturally? Now thats a record on the same day. Hows that for equality.?

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