The Simpsons Guide To The Israeli Elections

I can’t take credit for this hilarious list of the main candidates in the upcoming Israeli elections.

simpsons israel

But I can take credit for adapting it for the Hebraically-challenged:

simpsons israel3

Meanwhile, here’s more on the main parties.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    The one headed by newscaster Ken Brockman, that’s the Israeli party I’m rooting for.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Oops, that’s Kent Brockman, well-known Springfield news anchor. Is Yair Lapid really that vain and shallow?

      • tom

        yes, he’s very very shallow…sorry to disappoint you.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Well, Israel really wouldn’t be well-served by someone with such character flaws. But still, Yair has a really great tan and is quite photogenic! Besides, I’m really tired of seeing Bibi’s mug on TV.

  • tom

    The only one “not so fitting” is Marge. She’s by light years smarter than Tzipke Feige Shpitzer. By far.

    The other ones, A-maz-ing!

  • Sams

    The Likud Beitenu choice really show the “Cyanid-Sarin” strong reaction the Bibi-Russian duo create on left-leaning people, although they would add dripping blood and a mushroom cloud in the background.

  • Johnny

    I fail to see any relation between Shas and Apu…

    • Jim from Iowa

      Perhaps it is a comment on the ethnic background of Shas members as more dark and swarthy Sephardic Jews rather than Jews who look more like, say, Aussie Dave. That’s the connection I got out of it anyway.

      • Judge Dan

        … and the 7 kids per family

  • Leor

    “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos!

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