An Israeli American Idol?


Meet Shira Gavrielov, an Israeli wanting to become the next American Idol.

Here’s hoping her chances of winning the contest are larger than her shorts.

Update: Here’s more on Shira.

Shira was born in the spring of 1989 and has established herself as one of the music elites in Israel. Shira’s father, Israeli music veteran Miki Gavrielov, who worked intensively throughout the years and recorded many hits, introduced her to music, and Shira took the first steps when she got accepted into Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, all the while studying classical ballet and jazz in The Alma Frankfurt Dance School. But what really set her apart was her voice.

Shira recorded her first single, “Boy and Girl” (Naar ve Naara), at 15 and gained interest from major Israeli record label, NMC Israel. Two years later she was accepted to the famous Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Israel, a branch school of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where she was one of the youngest students ever to be accepted. Shortly after, Shira released “Haboker Ya’ir,” from her self-titled debut album, which became a number 1 hit. Shira had another taste of the spotlight, and decided she didn’t want her journey to end there.

In 2010, following Shira’s exciting cover version of the hit “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, Shira became a hit in Denmark and was signed to a label in Turkey. Shira was introduced to British producers Tom Nichols and Tim Baxter who worked with Celine Dion, Kylie Minogue and Jessica Simpson, and worked in London on her second album, which was recorded entirely in English and was called Vision Clear. It featured Shira’s signature sound of blending beautiful harmonies with her sultry voice that has audiences captivated as they listen to her.

On top of her musical success, Shira was the first artist to be signed and sponsored by the Israeli mobile company, Cellcom. Shira was also chosen by fashion brand Pascha Studios to be their spokesperson.

Recently Shira has moved to New York, and begun performing in small clubs to get the taste of the American music industry.

And a tidbit from the Wikipedia entry on Elazar Stern, former IDF general.

In 2008 he is said to have “stormed the stage”  to prevent teenage rock star Shira Gavrielov from performing at a military farewell party on the grounds that she had not served in the military.

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